“There is no such thing as natural beauty.”

Truvy Jones, Steel Magnolias (Dolly Parton)

OK, you get it, I was obsessed with Steel Magnolias in the 90’s. But, there was so much to learn from so many smart southern women. There are several beauty categories that we could cover from hair to face and more so I thought for my first post on beauty I would just highlight my top 5 current favorites.

Moroccanoil Root Boost I have been using this Root Boost for some time now. I have tried several root boosters but I like this one the best. It gives me great lift and does not leave my hair feeling greasy. It gives your hair great texture and grit after blow drying.

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast This is a relatively new discovery, but definitely blog list worthy! I am admittedly a child of the 80’s and still believe the bigger the air the closer to God! I love that this product is applied on dry. It gives our hair great lift and lets you get targeted volume exactly where you need it.

Sebastian Shaper Plus This is hands down the best hairspray ever made! Pay close attention to the Plus + depending on the weight of the hairspray you prefer. The regular Sebastian Shaper is good! The extra hold Sebastian Shaper Plus is better!

In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara This has been my most trusted mascara for years. Along with big hair, I also like big lashes! This mascara has an amazing wand, is lightweight, does not clump, naturally curls the lash and creates length with mini fibers. If you are feeling a little extra it also comes in 3D Black which is what I am currently wearing, same formula just super black.

Lumify OK, hang with me on this one. I know you are wondering why this beauty post includes eye drops. Well, these are not just your typical eye drops they are like unicorn magic! If you have ever suffered from red eyes you understand. These magic drops will make the whites of your eyes whiter than you could ever imagine in seconds! So, to all my fellow Moms who have kids in their bed every night and want to go to work the next morning looking refreshed, these are for you! (my optometrist recommended them)

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