All Bundled Up!

All Bundled Up!

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”


What I think Aristotle meant to say was, If you are going to stand out in the cold you might as well look like a beauty, right? Putting on a pretty coat as you walk out the door is like putting the star on top of your Christmas tree.  It finishes off your outfit and prepares you to appreciate the beauty of winter.

This seasons winter coat trends start with plaid.  Plaid is a huge trend in fashion right now.  Both in flannel shirts and scarves.  I am also loving it in winter coats. 

This white and black plaid coat was one of my most exciting TJ Maxx finds.  It is so soft and warm!  I have linked some of my other favorite plaids that I have been admiring below.  I think my most favorite one is with the fur hood.  I think it is so pretty and fun.  It is also 60% right now!! Even Better!! 

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Next on the list, is wool trench coats.  Wool coats are a classic.  They hold up so well and will never go out of style.  I have had the black one on the left for several years and purchased the white one on the right this year.

These are some of my favorite wool trench coat finds.  Again, if I was buying, my pick would be the grey with the fur hood.  Love, love, love this coat!! And, it is 50% off!!

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The final trend that I am loving in winter coats are these mock-neck boucle’ and city style coats.  They have a very sleek and sophisticated style to them and I think they would look great with a scarf dressed up for work or down for casual wear.  I know I have had a lot of favorites, but this heather mushroom JCrew city coat is my most admired one!  And if Santa takes blog posts as letters I hope he is reading this one!! Hey Santa, it is 60% off too!! (I would also take anything with a fur hood)

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All of the coats I shared tonight are on some kind of sale mostly 50-60% off and come in a variety of colors.  Now is a great time to get you a classic winter coat and go out in the cold and appreciate the beauty of a snowflake!

Ashley Nicole


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