Elsa Party

Elsa Party

Our sweet baby girl turned 3 today and we had the most perfect day!  When I began planning her birthday party I asked her what kind of party she wanted to have and her immediate answer was an “Elsa” party! Let the party planning begin!!

I love everything about having a little princess! She loves everything girly and pink and sparkles and glitter and so do I! This year we enjoyed a small family party at home with sweet sparkly decorations, homemade goodies and LOTS of LOVE!


I decorated with all things Elsa and Snow!  Purchased all of the decorations from Party Galaxy.  I was able to find a lot of snow flake accessories with all the Christmas party décor.  The morning of the party we added balloons and all the goodies.  Lyla loved the little flameless flickering votive candles and the snowflake garland hanging all around.


The goodies consisted of Funfetti Cupcakes, Cut Out Cookies with Icing, Powdered Donuts and Blue Hawaiian Punch!  Let’s start with the cupcakes…

I purchased a Funfetti Cake Mix from Walmart.  They were super easy to make and turned out so moist!  I purchased silver fluted cupcake liners from Hobby Lobby.  I wanted to stick with a silver theme and I thought the fluted detail made them a little extra special.  Plus they were super thick and sturdy and baked the cupcakes perfectly.  For the icing I made my first attempt at making my own buttercream icing.  You can do anything with Pinterest, right?  Well, sometimes, but this attempt actually turned out pretty great!  The icing set up so perfectly.  I  added blue and green food coloring to make them the perfect Elsa blue.  For the snowflakes I used vanilla candy melts, melted them down and piped them out on parchment paper and sprinkled them with clear sprinkles.  They looked just like snow with ice on them!  I loved how they turned out.

I made two different shaped snowflake Cut Out Cookies using again a recipe I found on Pinterest.  I have used this recipe a couple of times for making Christmas cookies with the kids.  It is a very easy recipe to follow and the cookies turn out perfect for decorating. They keep their shape and do not spread when baking and they turn out so soft.  The icing I made is a four ingredient icing recipe.  Again, very simple and easy.  I added blue and green food coloring till I got that perfect teal blue that I was wanting.  Then I started decorating the cookies…put the blue icing in a piping bag, began icing the cookies and then prayed my best friend would come to my rescue, and….SHE DID!  So, decorating cookies requires a good icing recipe and a very talented best friend that will come to your rescue when your icing is running out of the back of your bag onto the floor, your stepping in it and have it all over the kitchen.  (This blog is about truth, right?)  Well, we managed to get the cookies iced and they turned our perfect!  We used pre-made white icing from Hobby Lobby that you just add water to for the snowflake design and pearl sprinkles to add a little extra glitter!  So pretty!  Finally, powdered donuts and blue Hawaiian punch to finish.  So easy, and probably the kids favorite!


Finally, the best part!  The birthday girl and all the presents!  This little girl has been talking about her birthday for over a month.  She was so excited for her big day.  When it was time for birthday candles and singing she got so emotional!  Sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life.  Feeling all the feels…Be still my heart.

After candles, singing and cupcakes we got to shower our sweet girl with gifts!  She was so blessed with all of her presents and she loved each and everyone of them!

Finally, the Grand Finale! She was so excited to get her car.

Today was absolutely the most perfect day, three years ago and again today!  Love this little blessing more than she will ever know!

Happy Birthday Lyla Kate!


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